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COVID-19 Update


If you are experiencing symptoms you think may be COVID-19, or if you have had a known contact – please do not come to our office. Call us for further instructions. 925-935-3113. If you are having trouble breathing please go to the ED.

Even with the shelter in place orders, we are open and we are seeing patients. We are rescheduling physicals but we are continuing to see all other patients.

We are seeing most patients through video visits. This means if you are scheduled for a follow up, a medication check, or to go over labs; we will now do that visit over video. We will also be able to see many acute problems this way, such as: allergies, possible UTI, cough, trouble sleeping, back pain, rash, or new anxiety.

If we need to do a procedure or a physical exam to make a diagnosis, we will ask you to come in. Please be assured that we are taking the most strict precautions to keep our office sanitized and free of COVID-19.

In order to have a video visit, you will need to be on our new patient portal. For instructions on how to start your video visit click here.

Please note, we changed electronic medical records in Dec 2019 – we are no longer using John Muir’s patient portal, your new patient portal is through Hill Physicians.

Please call (925) 935-3113  if you need to be on the new patient portal.